Natasha Sealy Life Coach

Natasha Sealy


I am a Certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Certified Guided Energy Medicine Practitioner, Womxn's circle leader, wife of 22 years and a mom of a young adult daughter and a teenage daughter.  I'm also a dog mom to the sweetest pooch ever.I remember thinking to myself back in school about what I was going to be when I grew up.  I was drawn to being an assistant.  Through my path, I became an assistant and held many other titles, and I find it so interesting to see how I've developed my own assistant practice in coaching now.  I love what I do.I love to ask powerful questions that offer my clients intuitive insight and aha moments.  I love to challenge my cllients thought process and enable them to think even bigger or to see things from a different perspective.I coach powerful men and womxn who are highly driven and have accomplished many of their goals but are looking to expand and grow even more.  I also love to assist in finding the missing piece to the puzzle.I reside in Northern California and I take all of my appointments virtually.  You can schedule a session with me by accessing my calendar directly.  

Do you have a challenge, goal, missing piece, or clarity that you would like to work on right now?  If so, I would love to connect with you.

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Natasha Sealy Life Coach