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Love The Life You Live Even More.


Rediscover yourself and your passions with confidence and self love.  I’ve transformed my clients into confident, successful and empowered individuals.

This is a powerful private experience that will allow you to engage in deep thought to uncover the insights that will help you to move forward at an exponentially faster pace.

I am here to help you at any stage of your life to overcome obstacles so that you may continue down a healthy path filled with success.

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Together we seek love, compassion, and healing.  Together we are one. 

 This is a special opportunity to discover your spirituality, to re-gain consciousness, unblock harming beliefs, and to uncover and heal ancestral trauma through discussions, mediumship, belief work and energy medicine.

 Step into this sacred space to grow or remember your spirituality and authentic self.  I will coach you to achieve the results you're looking for and integrate spiritual practices to help all the pieces come together for you. 

Allow me to help you to identify the beliefs that no longer serve you and create new beliefs and practices that support your spirituality. 

 Individual Pricing

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As a Certified Guided Energy Medicine Practitioner, I invite you into a sacred space for energy alignment session.  This is an opportunity to clear your energetic fields, to align yourself with your highest purpose, to heal and bring clarity into your life.  This can also be combined with a coaching consultation for deeper healing and mediumship work in removing the beliefs that no longer serve you.

40 minutes / $588  (package of 3 sessions)

Sessions must be used within a 6 week period

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Natasha Sealy Life Coach